Effective CyclingTM Hints and Tips

from the League of American Bicyclists

    Anticipate the Road Ahead by Crystal Allred.

    Basic Principles of Traffic Cycling by Donald Tighe.

    Before Your Ride: The ABC Quick Check by Bonnie McClun.

    Beginner's Guide to Efficiency on the Bike by LAB.

    Bicycle Handling by LAB.

    Bicycling at Night by John Rider, LCI and Regional Trainier.

    Bike Commuting: Reflecting on Reflection by Edward K. Payne.

    Carrying the Right Tools Can Keep You on the Road by Chris Daigle.

    Changing Lanes Safely by LAB.

    Climbing Hills by Richard E. Corbett.

    Descending Hills by Bonnie McClun.

    Do You See What I See by Susie Jones.

    Dressing for Cool Weather Riding by John Donoughe.

    Effectively Dealing with Dogs by Pete Praetorius.

    Efficient Gearing adapted from TCCC CB Instructors Manual.

    Fit for the Road by John Waltz.

    Fitness Club on Two Wheels by Bonnie McClun.

    Get It In Gear by Susie Jones.

    Good Cyclists - Bad Choices by Susie Jones.

    Group Riding Techniques by LAB.

    Hazard Avoidance Maneuvers by LAB.

    How Far Right is Right? by Dave Shaw.

    How to Fix a Flat Tire by League of American Cyclists.

    How to Get the Most Out of a Bike Chain by Chris Daigle.

    How to Ride in a Group by Franklin Prosser.

    Instant Turns by Susie Jones.

    Intersections: "Messy Merging" by Bonnie McClun.

    Just Ridin' In the Rain by Officer Gary McGlaughlin.

    Know Your Place in Traffic by LAB.

    Maintaining the Bike's Engine -You! by Corbett, Hoffman and McCIun.

    Making Traffic Lights Turn Green by Hoffman, Forester, Glowacz and McClun.

    Nutrition and Hydration by LAB.

    Panic Stop by Susie Jones.

    Planning Your Bicycle Maintenance Schedule by Chris Daigle.

    Preventing and Avoiding Motorist Errors by LAB.

    Principles of Traffic Law by LAB.

    Responsible Cyclists Are Predictable by Crystal Allred.

    Riding at Night? by Bill Moritz.

    Rock Dodge by Susie Jones.

    Sharing the Path by permission from Ohio Bicycle Advisory Council.

    Six Reasons to "Ride Right" by Susie Jones.

    Slowing, Stopping, Stopped by Bonnie McClun.

    Teaching Children Bicycle Skills by Lois Chaplin.

    Ten Commandments of Bicycling by Bonnie McClun.

    Tips on Helmet Use by Susie Jones.

    Tools for the Road by Don Roy.

    When Worlds Collide by Bruce Mackey.

    Your Child's First Bike by Bonnie McClun.

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