The Seattle Bicycle Club does not charge a membership fee, but expects members to pay their own expenses related to club activities. For normal rides this is just the cost of getting to the ride and for any treats in route. For Outing Weekends expenses will also include room for over night stays and any special event related expenses that the member elects to participate in related to the outing.

SBC also has many non-cycling related events for members to meet and socialize such as pot luck dinners, theater or movie gatherings and the like. For these activities it is expected that each member will pay for any expenses that he/she incurs related to the activity.

Since the club runs on a zero budget, it requests that all members assist in some way to make it a better place for all. This can be either assisting with a ride or outing weekend as lead or assistant or helping with a pot luck dinner, scouting a new route for the library or moderating a club bulletin board topic.

Any level of volunteering is acceptable at SBC and thus if a member just wants to take an extra moment at ride starts or break points to welcome new members that is felt to be an important contribution in making our club great.

Members are also requested to fill out a Application once a year to allow the club to track it's membership numbers for annual reports to our club insurer and the League of American Bicyclists which we are a member.

Presently not accepting new members.
Check out Cascade Bicycle Club for other Northwest cycling opportunities.

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