Photo Gallery - 2005

Gasworks to Edmonds via Blueridge - On a clear winter day
views of Puget Sound are out of this world.

Mercer Island to Kirkland Marina Park - What's this? I sense
a little cowing around. Isn't this suppose to be a bicycle ride?

Mercer Island to Gene Coulon Park - Look at all of those clothes.
I'm sure glad the weather gets warmer as the day goes on.

Mercer Island to Alki Beach - Check out those fall leaf colors.
It makes bundling up for cold winter weather worthwhile.

Magnuson Park to Redhook Brewery for Lunch - With cooler temperatures,
dressing warmly is becoming a must for winter club rides.

Halloween Ride - Now these are some really scary bikers.
SBC riders don't conserve when it comes to getting all dressed up.

Following the Salmon up the Cedar River - I hope the salmon
aren't playing around as much as these cyclists are.

Biking around Seattle - Winter has finally arrived,
but this doesn't seem to bother these hardy cyclists.

Curling & Chili - Giving up the bike for the stone.
I can really get into these after spiel celebrations.

Snohomish - Marysville - This group looks like on-road cyclists. But, wait!
What is this we see? These guys don't look like on-road cyclists.

Spawning Ride - SBC members taking direction from Chuck Ayers
of Cascade Bicycle Club. Get ready! Get set! Let's ride!

Chuck, from all of us at the Seattle Bicycle Touring Club,
Thank you for putting on such a great event. We love you...

Whidbey Island Ride - Nothing like a nice early fall excursion to the islands.

Lake Washington Loop - Isn't that Mercer Island's Roanoke Inn? How did those SBC members sneak out of the middle of the ride to play and "eat"?

Carnation to North Bend - There is no question that the sole purpose
of this ride was to get to Twede's Cafe for their famous Cherry Pie.

West Seattle - These guys look as relaxed after cycling Alki to Three Tree Point as before. Do we really believe they conquered all those hills?

Mt Vernon - LaConner - Fidalgo Island Ride - Trying to down a hamburger
with this crowd is scary. They look just a bit too hungrey.

Green River Ride - Getting a little excited for ride start. "Someone,
tell those late comers to get going. We're ready to ride."

Social Green River Riders - This group looks too relaxed. Are they happy not to be riding to Flaming Geyser with the fast riders on such a hot day?

Bellingham - Lummi Island Scouting Ride - No complaints, but we are missing a few riders. "Do we need to send out a scout to try to find our scouts?"

Beginning/Social Riders on the North Bend - Fall City Ride enjoying
a little relaxation and refreshments at Snoqualmie Falls.

Riders on the North Bend - Fall City Ride greeting each other for an exciting day of cycling while trying to figure out who is riding with which group.

From these two pictures we can sure tell who wants to do more socializing and who is ready to get back on the road. Any questions?

South Lake Washington Loop - "Let's get going - the Seafair Boat Races
will start without us! Forget the boat races.
What about a quick stop at Leschi for a Latte' and Danish."

Cedar River Park to Black Diamond - "No one is paying attention. Do you think they think we don't know what we are doing?" "What you mean we?"

Black Diamond Bakery - There sure are a lot hills between Renton
and the bakery. "Quick, someone get me a pastry!"

Snohomish to Granite Falls - On a beautiful day like today what is
this cycling team thinking of? The lunch break.

Single minded cycling team going from Redhook Brewery in Woodinville to Snohomish. What are they thinking of? I think it has to be Cherry Pie.

High-end riders on the Fall City to Monroe Loop, taking a few minutes
for mid ride refreshments and relaxtion.

Skagit County Ride - These guys are looking a bit too serious.

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