Chilly Hilly - 2007

SBTC members got up at the crack of dawn to join other area cyclists
at the season opener, Chilly Hilly.

When you see so many excited cyclists coming together
to open the season you can't help but get excited yourself.

We only had ~20 members on the ride, small compared to the total,
but we had enough fun for all 4,000 riders there.

After a short break at the start to let other cyclists get around us,
we took off along the water riding up and down a few hills.

Not too long after Frog Rock we made it to the mid-way stop
and some nice hot chili to take the chill off our bones.

From the midway point on, light drizzle turned to a downpour
but now our group was having fun and little could dampen our spirits.

It was amazing to see so many smiling cyclists in so much rain
but then I guess we are in the Northwest.

A few members took a short cut to get back to the ferry
to dry off but most went the distance - 33 miles.

We lost a few more members before Lynwood Center, which
I'm guessing made a beeline for hot cider at the Foreign Legion Hall.

As we got into the last 10 mile sprint for the finish,
the rain started to disperse and the clouds to lift.

At ride end we found one more line to wait in to board the ferry,
then home to Seattle to tell all of our adventures.

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