Duwamish - Green River Trail

Chilly Hilly is over, the International Bicycle Expo is still a week away
and the weather is great. No better time to be cycling.

Members decide on a fun ride along the Green River Trail,
starting form Tukwila, going to Auburn for afternoon snacks.

Along the way, riders stop to do some playing around
with the bicycle artwork along the trail.

Where the Green River Trail intersects with the Interurban Trail
is another good place to regroup and check local scenery.

After making a stop in Auburn for a relaxation and socializing,
we return via the Interurban Trail which makes a beeline for home.

A final regroup at the intersection of the Interurban and Green River
Trails at Fort Dent and then it's a sprint for the finish.

All pack up after a few goodbyes and thoughts are traded
related to next weekend's ride, which will be on the Burke-Gilman Trail.

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