Federal Way BPA Trail Loop

One of the more fun routes in South King County,
is the Federal Way BPA Trail Loop.

Unlike trails in the northern part of the county which are mostly flat,
the BPA Trail is everything but flat.

The trail itself is not over ten miles long but it ends on the north
at Celebration Park which is a short distance from Weyerhaeuser Way.

This allows everyone to circle the very scenic Weyerhaeuser Grounds
before heading south on Military Road.

Military Road is a little busy but with a wide shoulder, not
a problem, and takes us to the mid way stop, Five Mile Park.

At the park along with a little rest and nourishment, there is
a lot of socializing and goofing off which are SBTC trademarks.

We might not have gotten out of the park, but someone mentioned
a neighborhood pub for after ride drinks and within seconds we were off.

Before heading home everyone toasts Federal Way
and the great adventures of the day.

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