Gasworks - Alki Bakery - Seward Park

Our route goes from Gasworks Park across the Fremont Bridge
and west on the ship canal bike trail to Magnolia.

At the foot of Magnolia Hill we catch the downtown bike trail
through Myrtle Edwards Park to the Seattle Olympic Sculpture Park.

After a quick stop to check out the artwork, we head south
along the Seattle waterfront to the Alki Beach Trail.

Our mid way stop is the Alki Bakery for socializing and
nourishment and then we head back to downtown Seattle.

In the International Distict because of nice weather, everyone decides
on a detour across the I-90 Bike Trail to Lake Washington.

From here we bike south along the water to Seward Park
and then loop back north to the University of Washington.

At UW we pick up the Burke-Gilman Trail to Gasworks Park,
from whence we started, and some of Gail's homemade cookies.

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