Tukwila - Green River Trail

Realizing that we were going to have to compete with a little ice
and snow on the streets, we opted for an all on trail route.

Last week's ride was on the Interurban from Edmonds to Everett
so this week we decided to go south and try the Green River Trail.

This was all a good idea until we got to the ride start and
saw just how much snow and ice we would have to ride through.

Thus, with our bikes safely stored away we decided following
the trail on foot and by car was a much better idea.

Just as on sunshiny days you can see the Green River Trail
offers spectacular scenery and beauty.

With ice on the trail though it can be very traitorous to cycle,
especially with many bridges to go under and RR Tracks to go over.

Only two riders made it to the start. Several others stayed warm at home
and more still took advantage of the new snow and went skiing.

But we wanted to document this unusual winter day, seldom seen
in the Seattle area, so we came ahead with camera in hand.

Of course as you might have guessed. We were also thinking
of a nice warm breakfast with hot coffee.

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