Halloween Get-Together - 2007

As Halloweens go, it was a pretty spookie night as SBTC members
headed over to Corinne's home to stir up a little trouble.

Just looking at all the characters that converged upon her home
made a cold chill go up your spine and your knees to begin a shaking.

They were from the living or the dead.
It was hard to tell one from another.

Some were smiling, even laughing,
but all looked a little scary.

With their masks on or off, it didn't seem to matter.
It was hard to tell which was which or who was who.

Then out of the night came a lady with an axe at her side.
She was evil through and through. You just knew from her sight.

With that, there was partying and socializing amongst the dead.
They did eat and did drink and did have a good time.

As you moved from room to room there were ever so many.
They were inside and outside and every where you went.

Some were napping, some were not, it didn't seem to matter.
For all you knew, some might not have been alive at all.

As the night began to wane, many moved into the shadows.
On the patio in the dark did they all gather round.

Then at last there she was with her axe in her hands.
Just a swinging as she went to put an end to all that night.

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