South Everett - Lake Forest Park

Fall Days are always good times for club members to ride
on the Interurban Trail, North of Seattle.

This is also a good time to check the South Everett to Lake Forest Park
route map to make sure it is correct for other area cyclists to use.

With that reasoning members are off from McCollum Park in South Everett
to the Great Harvest Bread Company in Lake Forest Park for snacks.

From the park the trail winds through Mill Creek and Lynnwood
on it's way south towards Lake Washington.

There are several tricky turns in the route, all that must be mapped
to assist other cyclists unfamilar with the trail and the area.

Where the trail ends riders take off on quiet urban streets
from Lake Ballinger south along scenic avenues.

This connects the route into Perkins Way which is
of the most scenic rides north of Lake Washington.

Just before the lake is Lake Forest Park Shopping Center and inside
is the Great Harvest Bread Company, a favorite stop for area cyclists.

From the shopping center members pick up Ballinger Way which
is an easier and safer way to make it back up the hill.

Ballinger Way connects everyone back into the Inturban Trail System
which carries everyone back north to McCollum Park.

With are edits added to the library map/cue sheet everyone says goodbye.
Another fun day of cycling is at an end.

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