North Bend - Iron Horse Trail

One of the more famous trails in the Northwest is the Iron Horse Trail
taking hikers and bikers alike across Snoqualmie Pass.

SBTC members decide to pick up the trail at Rattlesnake Lake
and take it to the top of the pass near Hyak.

This part of the trail climbs all the way up to the Tunnel
passing over quite a few bridges along the way.

Along with seeing plenty of hikers along the trail
you see a lot of local climbers practicing their skills.

You also have a lot of view areas along the trail
for taking in local mountain scenery.

The trip to the top can be a little long since it's all uphill,
but once at the top you can descend quite rapidly.

Trail bridges are hardest to cross because of large trail rocks
but most of the trail is either hard packed dirt or smaller rock.

While there are no cafes along the way, there are a lot
of picnic areas for enjoying nourishment that you bring with you.

At the top of the pass you get to a 2-mile long trail tunnel
so be sure to bring a light since there are no lights inside.

Members relax and socialize for a bit at the top
and then it's back through the tunnel and down the hill.

The ride up was a bit slow, but the ride down is fast
and before you know it another fun day of cycling is at an end.

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