Mercer Island - Kirkland Ride

With Chilly Hilly only a week away, SBTC members decide
to practice a few hill climbs in preparation for the big day.

One of the best routes for doing this is Mercer Island
to Kirkland along Lake Washington taking you through Medina.

For an urban area, Medina offers some very traffic friendly streets
with spectacular views of the lake and surrounding areas.

Medina is connected to Kirkland via the 405 Bike Trail,
which offers a few good hills of its own to practice on.

In Kirkland we head to the city center for relaxation and snacks
on Lake Washington Blvd past many of Kirkland's well known art sculptures.

Our return trip is through downtown Bellevue along I-405
which takes us through the Mercer Slough Wetlands.

We finish up with high fives knowing we are ready
for next weekend's Cycling Season Opener - Chilly Hilly.

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