Mercer Island - South Lake Washington

The Mercer Island - South Lake Washington Loop is
a very traditional route, enjoyed by many area bicycle clubs.

We start going to the east, clockwise around the route which
takes everyone through the Mercer Slough.

From the Slough we go south on the Lake Washington Bicycle Trail
to Renton's Gene Coulon Memorial Park.

As always the park is alive with activity and today along with a lot
cycling groups in the park there is a wedding party.

After a quick break we go west around the end of the lake
across the Duwamish River and through the Renton Airport.

From the Airport we go north on Rainier Avenue
towards Seward Park and Lake Washington Blvd.

Like Coulon Park, Seward Park is a good place for a rest stop
and then we follow the Lake Washington shoreline going north.

After a few miles the group veers left and follows the road
up hill to where it connects with the I-90 Bike Trail.

After a quick ride across the I-90 bridge, we are back to our start
and Mercer Island's Noah's Bagels for relaxation and socializing.

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