North (South Lake Washington) Bend

Today's ride was scheduled to go from North Bend to Snoqualmie Falls
over scenic low traffic country roads.

That was until we were hit with a total downpour of rain
and everyone headed to Mercer Island for protection.

Thus, instead of cycling in the Mountains, we all stayed
down below and did the traditional South Lake Washington Loop.

What this showed was not only how flexible SBTC members are,
but how easy it is in the Northwest to move from rain to sunshine.

Without losing too many cyclists along the way
we switched the ride start and all were happy.

From the new start we went east through the Mercer Sough, south
to Coulon Park and north to Seward Park and the I-90 Bike Trail.

Returning to the start, all headed to the Roanoke Tavern
for a little nourishment and socializing.

Another fun day of cycling ended with everyone
not only happy but dry.

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