North Bend - Mt. Si - Ernie's Grove

For flat, sparsely traveled country roads one of the Northwest's
best cycling locations is outside of North Bend at the base of Mt. Si.

The roads weave in and out of the base of the mountain
offering spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Ride start is downtown North Bend which has some nice
after ride social gathering spots like the Twin Peaks Cafe.

We start by going east around the south end of Mt. Si,
then we back up and go north along the mountain's western side.

This takes us to secluded Ernie's Grove from where we can take
old logging roads to Snoqualmie Falls.

Along the way we pass a few lama farms but most of the area
is wooded with only a few homes along the roads.

This area is called the Upper Snoqualmie Valley
which supplies water to the falls and lower river valley.

After a quick stop to watch the water going over the falls
riders make a bee line back to North Bend to the Twin Peaks Cafe.

The cafe is noted for it's Cherry Pie along with good service
and a friendly atmosphere - a nice way to end a fun day of cycling.

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