Snohomish - Duvall - Sultan

It isn't exactly a sunshiny day, but then it isn't raining either.
To an SBTC member that means a good day for cycling.

To celebrate the good weather, members decide
on a nice country route in rural Snohomish County.

Here riders are faced with sparsely traveled, bicycle friendly roads
and more scenery than a good cyclist could ever want.

Even with much snow on the ground, plant life can be seen
everywhere and eagles continually fly over head.

Midway stop for this ride is Sultan which sits at the confluence
of the Snoqualmie and Skykomish Rivers.

After a quick stop at the Sultan Cafe for nourishment and socializing
everyone votes to return as we came along the river.

We could have short cut the ride by traveling straight back on Hwy 2
but the scenery is just too nice to not want to take in more of it.

The return hill climbs were not as steep as coming, making our ride
a little gentler as we head back to Monroe along the Skykomish.

From Monroe our route takes us slightly away from the river, past area
farms on our way to Snohomish and the end of a great day of cycling.

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