Tour de Whidbey - 2007

Tour de Whidbey is the Pacific Northwest's Number One Cycling Event -
Great Route, "to die for" Scenery and Unbelievable Support.

Unlike other cycling events Tour de Whidbey
starts with a Pancake Breakfast and ends with a Chili Dinner.

To go with the before and after ride meals, the ride
has more rest stops than a cyclist could ever want.

The rest stops are like no other, where cyclists can not only
get good food, but have their glasses cleaned.

The food and service though aren't what brings out the cyclists.
It's the non-stop scenery, every turn in the road.

Whidbey Island is the most scenic island in Puget Sound and
there is just no way to describe it - you have to see it for yourself.

To go with this scenery are literally hundreds of miles of sparsely
traveled rural roads with challenges for every level of rider.

There are ups and downs on the Whidbey that will challenge
even the most experienced Ramrod Cyclist.

There are also gently rolling roads for the beginning cyclist,
just starting out.

The route runs past miles of scenic inland farms
as well as miles of Puget Sound shoreline.

The route passes early Puget Sound Settlements
and original Northwest Naval Stockades and Fortresses.

With luck riders will get to see the best in Kite Flying Competitions
as well as evening Jazz Concerts if they stay over the night.

Whidbey Island just has the best of everything and
is one fun place to cycle.

The only downside is when you are close to the end of the ride
and the end of your stay, it's time to go home.

But, don't forget the Chili Dinner. You won't go home hungry
and it will be served with a smile.

And, don't forget to say goodbye to all the wonderful
new friends that you have made on such a fun ride.

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