Bainbride Island via the Virginia V

Members load their bicycles on the Virginia V at Lake Union's Historic
Ships Wharf for a ride to Bainbridge Island for a little cycling.

After loading bicycles and passengers, the Virginia V sails
to Puget Sound via the Fremont Ship Canal and the Ballard Locks.

On most club rides, cyclists have to wait for bridges to close.
Today bridges open to let us go by.

In the Ballard Locks, we have to tie up for a bit to allow
boats to line up before gates are shut and water is lowered.

Out of the locks, though, the Virginia V travels quickly
to Bainbridge Island where members walk the plank to unload.

To save time and get home early many of the cyclists took
the regular ferry to Downtown Seattle and biked back to our start.

This leg of the journey we had to wait for one of the bridges
to close before we could get to our destination.

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