Lopez Island

Most of the club's rides are local to Seattle so members
decide on Lopez Island for an out of town adventure.

The weather for this event was great and the turnout just
as great for a fun time cycling in the San Juan Islands.

Because of the size of the turnout members broke into four groups,
short distance, long distance, long and fast and just having fun.

This being said pretty much all the groups decided on just
having fun and doing as much sight seeing as riding.

With such a bright sunny day it seemed like members were everywhere
on the island, both cycling and just relaxing taking in the sun.

They also took in most island adventures, Shark Reef, Center Church,
Historic Richardson, Agate Beach, Lopez Village, Lopez Island Winery....

The winery ended up with half the group tasting everything
from Estate grown wines to robost Yakima reds and Fruit Wines.

But, when all was said and done, members came to go biking
and everyone had fun cycling scenic Lopez Island.

Thus, at the end of the day we did a lot of counting noses
to make sure all made it back to the ferry dock for the trip home.

But, with only minutes to spare our last couple riders came
into the dock ready to load up for the return to the mainland.

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