Methow Valley Mountain Biking

Members head to the Methow Valley for the 23rd Annual Fall Bike Fest.
For off road cyclists this is a special event for cycling in the outdoors.

Thus, it is a surprise when we see members not cycling in the wild,
but practicing their lassoing skills for the next cattle herd.

Then, of course, we know that our members will use every opportunity
to have fun whether it be on a bicycle or participating in another activity.

Most pictures though show members cycling off road and exploring new areas
that can only be reached with a mountain bike and the energy to get there.

This is along with a few new pictures that have surfaced showing
members boating and riding in circles around the campsite.

And, even more pictures have surfaced showing a few members
wildly riding through the brush without their helmets.

Helmets are now back on but there is a new concern of members
trying to go bare back riding on a few local horses.

Is there no shame with this group of club members?
Are they no longer proud cyclists riding their fine two wheelers?

Without a doubt club members must have really enjoyed
this year's Methow Valley Bike Fest, boating, cycling, horseback,...

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