Mt. Vernon Tulip Ride

Club members decide to ride from Mt. Vernon to La Conner
to check on the tulip harvest delayed by the cold winter temperatures.

Going out of town, we make a quick stop at a local cyclist's farm
to view his new baby piglets, only a few months old.

From the farm we continue south along Dike Road
past farms along the Skagit River.

All the way we see plenty of plants beginning to bloom,
but nowhere do we see any tulips.

As you can imagine after ten to twenty miles, riders began
to question whether any tulips made it through the harsh winter.

We have now turned north again and are almost to La Conner
so all begin to forget about tulips and start thinking about lunch.

La Conner was packed with other cyclists, all doing what we were,
so finding a place to stop for snacks was not an easy task.

After a little relaxation and fun, we decide to forget tulips
and check out La Conner's famous wild turkeys.

On the return to Mt. Vernon, we finally found a few fields of tulips.
Not as many as in past years, but there were tulips and lots of tourists.

After a brief stop to look at this year's harvest, we headed
back to the start taking a shortcut up along the river.

We take a last break along the river looking at the scenery
and then call it quits, another yearly tulip ride is at an end.

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