Southworth - February

Twice last year members attempted riding from Southworth to Port Orchard.
Each time, members had to ride elsewhere because of weather.

Not to show discouragement club members decide to try again
and today the weather couldn't have turned out better.

The route along the water is rolling and fun and members
quickly broke apart checking out adventures along the way.

In Port Orchard, some visited a local establishment for nourishment
while others sat out on the waterfront enjoying the nice day.

After lunch one group went on to Bremerton to Seattle
to make a loop while the other headed back the way we came.

The group returning to Southworth had a special treat
of a few local camels coming over to visit with them along the road.

I never knew before how much camels liked cyclists, but one
even leaned over the fence to give one of the group a little nuzzle.

As fast as the day started it came to an end, and all
returned on the ferry for their return trip to West Seattle.

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