Tour de Whidbey - 2009

Tour de Whidbey is noted as one of the Northwest's best cycling events
for challenge and scenery, but it is the extras that make it so special.

What extra? The pancake breakfast at the start of the event
and the warm volunteers greeting each of the participants.

Then along the route, the ample rest stops with not only
great nourishment and support, but more friendly volunteers.

Typically Tour de Whidbey attracts around 500 cyclists a year
to do all or a portion of a beautifully laid out 100 mile route.

This means that you will be the only cyclist on sections of the route
and the Gold Wing Motorcycle Club support team is much appreciated.

This year for the first time we took advantage of route support which got
to us in minutes, repaired the bike and had us back on the road in an hour.

You say, "a whole hour?" In that hour he totally rebuilt the back derailleur
giving us three good gears to finish the next 37 miles.

True to Tour de Whidbey though the support team checked in with us
the next few miles just to make sure all was working and we were smiling.

In short, it is no wonder that Tour de Whidbey is rated one
of the top cycling events in the Pacific Northwest.

Their volunteers go all out to insure that each participant
has an experience that he/she will always remember as being the best.

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